Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ok so I know its not "offically" spring (3 more days!)but after the B-E-A-U-tiful weather today, how can one not be excited about it? I was able to get down to the gardens and clear away some of the debris that was leftover from this fall and finish getting seeds started. The snow came so fast this year I wasn't quite able to get it all. While out and about cleaning I noticed a lot of green, a lot of bad but also some good! Some of the herbs are already starting to grow again and its a nice splash of good green. Some of you know about the bad green we have here, the Star of Bethleham. You can read more about that horrible stuff here. But, on to the good! The wonderful skunk cabbage is in bloom andthe coltsfoot flowers are up along the lakeshore. In the wildflower bed we have some hepatica peeking through and some waterleaf showing up. In another bed, # 23, there is a beautiful purple flower poking through the underbrush. I can not remember the name of it for the life of me so if you know it, let me know! For now, enjoy some of the pictures of the site from today.

Skunk cabbage (thank goodness for zoom!)

Coltsfoot along the lake

The Waterleaf (with lots of the BAD green around it....)


That purple flower....crocus! (Thanks Martha!)

The Magnolia tree starting to bud out