Thursday, April 19, 2007


It was a four-toed salamander found on Boy Scout Island last week.

It's as if the wildflowers pictured in this post went into hibernation for the ten days of freezing temps and snow, as a walk around the site today looked eerily similar to the post. The anemone, bloodroot, toothwort, trout lilies, Dutchmen's breeches and marsh marigolds are in bloom while the trillium, mayapples, twin-leaf are just emerging.

The Star of Bethlehem bulbs are trying to suck the joy out my spring gardening, but I'm fighting back, hauling wheelbarrows full of the boogers out of the garden. I get much joy spotting the tender shoots of the perennials emerge in the spring, but it is hard to see in the beds overrun with SoB foliage. The foliage tends to diminish the spring flowers in bloom, but another problem is that these plants are scattered among the 35 beds. I'm trying to consolidate the spring flowers into a few beds so they put on more of a show.

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