Thursday, May 10, 2007

What do these pictures have in common?

The bearded irises are just starting to bloom.

The shade garden in bed 18 is starting to fill out.

Twin-leaf leaves (and that is not redundant) have appeared. They look like they are ready to flutter away or adorn a nicely wrapped Mother's Day gift.

So what do these pictures have in common other than they were all taken today in the Tame Garden at the Gene Stratton-Porter Historic site?

The beautiful flower of the Star of Bethlehem is in each of them. The iris photo best illustrated the condition of the garden today. The S. of B. are blooming like crazy while the foliage is starting to yellow and die. That means the prime digging time is over and soon no one will know that a few inches beneath the soil lies millions of tiny bulbs, gulping up oxygen in the soil, taking room, competing with the garden plants.


Carol said...

I'm sorry to have not kept up because you probably wrote about the Star of Bethlehem's origins, but where did they come from. Did GSP plant them herself?

Kylee said...

Oh, there's those things that I want! LOL!