Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mid-summer blooms

I took this daylily picture several weeks ago and the blooms are now gone. This is my second summer in the garden and I discovered we have more daylily cultivars than I remembered.

I love lilies. This one is not only beautiful but fragrant. We planted these bulbs in Bed 33 when we renovated it this spring.

There is a large stand of this lily in the lily bed and at the southern entrance to the garden.

I love spotted blooms and here is the second orange spotted bloom in today's post. It is blackberry lily. The pods are forming now and when they open, the fruit looks just like a blackberry.

Amaranthus or Love-Lies-Bleeding is putting on quite a show this summer. These are from seeds saved from last year. Now that I know they are viable and come true, I'll collect some for sale in the gift shop. Some of the "strings" are over four foot long.

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Kylee said...


I lost my blackberry lily over the winter. I couldn't believe it. I had two healthy plants and they both didn't make it. But I bought another, called 'Hello Yellow,' and it's blooming now. Tons of seed, which I'll save and let drop, just for insurance. Would you like to have some of the seeds?

Oh, by the way, we are tentatively planning to come up that way on Sunday, the 19th. We have to come on Sunday, because Romie's working six days a week indefinitely. Mom will be coming with us and probably Kara and Adam. If you're not busy, it would be great if you could be there, but if not, I understand!