Friday, November 2, 2007

Last Blooms of Summer, Part 2

Blogger wouldn't let me post all the pictures at once, so here are some more pictures from November 1, just before our first hard freeze. The first picture is the south end of the arbor where the impatiens have nestled into the rocks.
The bed of nasturtiums always do well in the long bed in the east garden. In the foreground are "cherry rose" nasturtiums and the rest are a jewel mix, one of which is shown in a close-up shot. This is one of my favorite fall beds in the garden.


gardenmomma (Chris) said...

Did your garden save the last for best???! What wonderful photos!

Carol said...

Blogger has been giving many people fits with pictures these last few days. That nasturium at the end of the post is stunning.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Nan - said...

What is the name of the single nasturtium? I'd like to try and grow it. The little red markings look like autumn leaves and are so beautiful.

Earth Girl said...

Nan, I don't know. It was part of the "Jewel Mix" seed packet. I think it is gorgeous also.