Sunday, August 10, 2008

Garden Tours during Chautauqua Days

Gene Stratton met Charles Porter on Sylvan Lake during a Chautauqua. Every summer we celebrate Gene's birthday during Chautauqua Days, as celebrated by the town of Rome City. This Saturday and Sunday afternoon, I will be in the garden to give informal tours and there will be free birthday cake in the Vistors Center. Cabin tours will be available for a nominal fee.

Last Friday, I took a picture of the east garden from the attic of the Cabin. I like the photo because you can see the layout of the garden. The unfinished area in the foreground is where we are preparing to plant a shrub hedge. Gene planted over 400 shrubs around her Tame Garden.

This picture is the west gardens. There are two symmetrical gardens on the west side. These photos don't do the garden justice, so come see the garden for yourself!

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