Friday, July 13, 2007

Eacles Imperialis or Yellow Emporer

I was sitting on the bench in front of the Visitor's Center yesterday talking to Ed, the site naturalist, when his eyes got big and he pointed behind me. Here is what he saw. Note the eggs she laid on the doorframe. She left but we are still watching the eggs.

While it is an unusual moth for northern Indiana, what made this especially interesting is that Gene's best-selling book, A Girl of the Limberlost, centered on a young girl's search for this moth and...

Gene documented in words and photos the life cycle of what she called the Yellow Emperor in Moths of the Limberlost.

Here is a close shot of its head.

Look at the image on the back of the head. Doesn't it look like an angry face?


Carol said...

Very appropriate that one should show up for you to see!

D Robert said...

July 24, 2008: A Yellow Emporor Moth visited our house on the westside of Indianapolis. Yes, we took photos. It seems to be injured or sick, but is still a beautiful moth. We'll look for any eggs that may have been laid.