Friday, July 13, 2007

Hot and Cool

When the crocosmia is blooming, every visitor stops and asks about it. It is really a showstopper. I think it is large enough to divide, as there is room for a large drift of these hotties.

Another hot plant in the garden now is the gallardia.

Is this hot or cold? I love the blue and yellow combination. There are quite a few balloon flowers in the garden but I like this combination planting the best.

And the coolest plant of all now blooming? Globe thistle. An Amish women asked me why in the world I had a large thistle in the garden. I explained about globe thistle but she insisted that no thistle would ever be in her garden.


Carol said...

I'm battling thistle, and almost agree with the Amish lady! Maybe I don't wany any thistle in my garden, either.

(Though that is a pretty flower)

Kylee said...

Oh, Globe Thistle is GREAT! I have it in my garden, too. But I've had other gardeners tell me I'm crazy. Yeah, so. LOL

I love seeing these pictures, because I just saw these in PERSON! That crocosmia is gorgeous. It caught my eye right away!