Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday at Work

Everywhere I looked, another species of wildflower was blooming.

The twinleaf by the Cabin bloomed. I love the leaves even more than the lovely, short-lived flowers though. The leaves will be opening in a few days.

Dave Fox, the property manager, showed us the Jack-in-the-pulpit blooming in Sower's Woods, which is part of the site.

The marsh marigolds are blooming by the spring.

Just across the boardwalk, the large spice bush was in bloom. I like to chew on the twigs and I've heard it makes a wonderful tea.

Yes, that is a flower bud on the Mayapple or mandrake as Gene called it.

As you drive down Owl Avenue, watch for the patch of Virginia bluebells blooming on the east.

But I spent most of the drizzly day in the garden, entertained by the visitors in the trout lilies or dog-toothed violets. But the visitors were neither fish nor canine.

See them now?

And I enjoyed the hyacinths in the formal garden marching up the hill.

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