Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday at Work

Everywhere I looked, another species of wildflower was blooming.

The twinleaf by the Cabin bloomed. I love the leaves even more than the lovely, short-lived flowers though. The leaves will be opening in a few days.

Dave Fox, the property manager, showed us the Jack-in-the-pulpit blooming in Sower's Woods, which is part of the site.

The marsh marigolds are blooming by the spring.

Just across the boardwalk, the large spice bush was in bloom. I like to chew on the twigs and I've heard it makes a wonderful tea.

Yes, that is a flower bud on the Mayapple or mandrake as Gene called it.

As you drive down Owl Avenue, watch for the patch of Virginia bluebells blooming on the east.

But I spent most of the drizzly day in the garden, entertained by the visitors in the trout lilies or dog-toothed violets. But the visitors were neither fish nor canine.

See them now?

And I enjoyed the hyacinths in the formal garden marching up the hill.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The yellow lady's slipper returns!

Last spring, an executive with Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites gave us a yellow lady's slipper for Wildflower Woods since our slippers disappeared about ten years ago. I researched where to plant it, making sure the amount of light, type of soil and even grade was suitable. And then I prayed. (Gene admitted to praying over some of her transplants also.)

I was afraid to move the leaf cover, but took a peek last week. Nothing. So I covered the spot again with leaves and pretended I didn't look. As I walked away, my steps were as heavy as my heart.

I peeked again today and there it was - emerging foliage! I covered it with leaves as that's its natural condition. But, oh, I can't wait to see it bloom.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Opening Day

The site opened on April 1, a hot sunny day. There was a steady stream of visitors including these 5 lovely females. The picture proves that I am not biased even though these are brother's daughters and granddaughters.

There were other openings that day such as the bloodroot above.

And these Dutchmen's breeches. These are not quite open but will be very soon. I heard that trout lily blooms were sighted also.